Ubuntu on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Canonical and Amazon work together to make Ubuntu worker nodes available for Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS). This fully-managed service makes it easy to use Kubernetes on AWS, without being an expert in managing Kubernetes clusters.

These images are customised specifically for the EKS service, and are not intended as general OS images. To deploy an EKS cluster, follow the EKS user guide .

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EKS 1.17 is now EOL, removed images from page

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Region Use this or later image
Africa (Capetown) (af-south-1)
ami-06b33d2996698db4f amd64
ami-0cec49c1fe20bd764 arm64
Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) (ap-east-1)
ami-02bae376c70ad129a amd64
ami-03547698280a40c1c arm64
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) (ap-northeast-1)
ami-0aa96a6fd931947ed amd64
ami-0b0115495844ff20d arm64
Asia Pacific (Seoul) (ap-northeast-2)
ami-08ac886dc882c3a0c amd64
ami-03b231b58d8df75be arm64
Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local) (ap-northeast-3)
ami-04e6eac95aecd499c amd64
ami-0a12af32094d0a85f arm64
Asia Pacific (Mumbai) (ap-south-1)
ami-0ca54e142b94a29af amd64
ami-00235dde8dc16164b arm64
Asia Pacific (Singapore) (ap-southeast-1)
ami-0683ccd6d80d34ffe amd64
ami-041afbdcce1f3b7c2 arm64
Asia Pacific (Sydney) (ap-southeast-2)
ami-01bf0bc33ae4cf6d5 amd64
ami-064ae46f77d98669f arm64
Canada (Central) (ca-central-1)
ami-0b7d9d80a8dd8d5db amd64
ami-00957f2d37feeda63 arm64
EU (Frankfurt) (eu-central-1)
ami-0397f2bd5a5e28edb amd64
ami-06c3173f7f0f08c30 arm64
EU (Stockholm) (eu-north-1)
ami-0f07373a937cb7381 amd64
ami-0e46f14b7c30edc9d arm64
EU (Milan) (eu-south-1)
ami-07f21ea13be454261 amd64
ami-0c5d7b446501f4612 arm64
EU (Ireland) (eu-west-1)
ami-039b8e26c746cd417 amd64
ami-08b00c62188ad175f arm64
EU (London) (eu-west-2)
ami-00d01329bf4979952 amd64
ami-059bca8b6faa34457 arm64
EU (Paris) (eu-west-3)
ami-0a9d5f09a117a5198 amd64
ami-0dd7113bcb34cf6b1 arm64
Middle East (Bahrain) (me-south-1)
ami-0afc0ecc9f2bfd2cd amd64
ami-0e5c85a56533e3f0f arm64
South America (São Paulo) (sa-east-1)
ami-0c04d844b95191866 amd64
ami-083276855d6dfea0d arm64
US East (Virginia) (us-east-1)
ami-0e7eae3cdfae5d370 amd64
ami-03fd9958c029011df arm64
US East (Ohio) (us-east-2)
ami-027c737021be27497 amd64
ami-0c93eec4be5e821ef arm64
US West (N. California) (us-west-1)
ami-0a16379d12f2aae48 amd64
ami-0e7f0c806db123657 arm64
US West (Oregon) (us-west-2)
ami-0a3ba7408f8f56c84 amd64
ami-0cc99c08307495d8a arm64

Kubernetes 1.21

The latest Ubuntu worker node AMIs for Kubernetes 1.21 (N.B. EKS may not be available in some of these regions, check the list of current EKS regions ):

Important: EKS images that support Kubernetes 1.21 use the default amazon-eks-nodegroup.yaml , as specified in the AWS EKS Console Getting Started Guide . To use Ubuntu EKS images with the nodegroup template in Step 3: Launch and Configure Amazon EKS Worker Nodes, click the 'Launch Workers' link for your your region and Kubernetes release version, and enter the Ubuntu AMI ID for your region, listed on this page, into the field labeled 'NodeImageId'.

This image is customized specifically for the EKS service and is not intended as a general OS image.